Primness was launched by Vanessa Rochman in 2013. Primness is a family run business based in Melbourne. ‘Being a mother of two drives me as a designer, each collection is about everyday simplicity.’ Primness focuses on locally produced, high quality garments that are ageless, understated and effortless. ‘Local manufacturing was really important to me when I started, but now it feels sincerely appreciated by our customers as well.’



It all starts at the local knitting mills where fabrics are developed exclusively for Primness, with an emphasis on natural, breathable fibres and premium fabrics. All our wools and cotton jerseys are grown, produced and knitted locally. Our silks and woven cottons are imported.



To achieve the Primness signature look all garments are dyed and washed using a unique three-stage process. No two items are exactly alike. Everything is pre-washed and pre-shrunk using safe water and dye practises in Australia. ‘The fabric feels washed, soft, treated and loved. The colour palettes are unique to only us.’



Each garment is handled with the highest level of care throughout production. Primness is all about attention to detail. ‘I design wardrobe staples that can be built on each season. Layering as the weather requires, with designs and quality that last over time.’



Primness is perfect for travel. The lightweight nature of the garments lend themselves perfectly for a travel capsule. Breathable with a design simplicity that can be worn dressy or casual.



In November 2017, our first flagship boutique opened on High Street, Armadale. This month marks our first birthday. ‘It was a dream to open up this gorgeous space, where we can meet our customers face to face and show them who we are as a brand.’


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